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Want to look something hanging fresh this Halloween? Then you can opt for a grape costume in all its purple glory! Well yes, it can be green too.

Whether it is for a Halloween party or any other costume party, your choice of a costume can make a big difference. There are many people who prefer to make their own costumes at home; however, the prospect to do so is not only time consuming but also very labouring. Now a days, it has become so easy to buy your own choice of costumes at affordable prices and that too at the convenience of sitting at your own home, and a grape costume is no exception; thanks to the online Halloween costume shops.

Welcome to GrapeCostume.Com, where we love those crazy underwear commercials so much, we built a whole site around the grape costume!  Going dressed up as a grape – in either green or purple, can be a lot of fun.  And you have definitely found the right place for dressing as one of the world’s most popular fruits, the grape.  The grape costume is fresh, hip but sorry – inedible.

No matter whether you are looking for a costume for a costume or masquerade ball, or if you are opening a fruit market and want a silly guy like this to lure in your customers – the grape costume is super fun.  If you have considered making your own, think again. There’s a lot of time, effort, and planning that have been put into making this fun costume, and we are willing to bet that you don’t have the time to make one that looks this good!  Our grape costume options are available for all ages, both adult grape costumes and kids grape costumes.  Both men and women can wear a fun grape costume, and you’re bound to win points for both originality and creativity when you wear it to your venue or event.

Typically, the grape costume is made with balloons that you inflate and stick onto the suit.  Keep in mind that you will need to be able to stand for long periods of time when wearing this suit (sitting down on the grapes will likely pop them).  Most of these costumes have a jump suit or under suit that you wear with them, or you can add your own leggings, leg warmers, and undershirt.  You might also choose to wear purple or green tights with the grape costume, and it is usually packaged with a leaf hat or a hat that is shaped like just another grape on the pod!

Thank you for stopping by GrapeCostume.Com to find out more about grape costume options and get tips, tricks, and more for “fruity” Halloween (or anytime) fun!

Dressing up in as a grape costume is indeed a creative idea and is surely going to be a hit in the party for both creativity and originality. Grape costumes are available for men, women as well as children. More often than not, the costume is made out of polyester material. For men and children the costume set includes a tunic with pockets for balloons, balloons themselves and a hood. Costume set for women though usually similar to one mentioned above, can be also bought in slight variations; for example, the one which comes with a green or purple slip on dress and has grape shaped design.

For the regular costume set, one needs to inflate the balloons provided in the set before dressing up. It may take anywhere from 30-45 minutes to inflate all the balloons. Once inflated, you can place the balloons in the pockets provided for them in the costume.

To complete the look, you may want to spend a little bit more to buy the giant cartoon hands.

Accessorizing Your Costume

It can be a lot of fruity fun to dress like a giant pod of grapes, especially if you are a fan of the goofy underwear commercials that feature guys in talking fruit costumes. You can lend more authenticity to your grape costume by wearing tights that are the same color as the grapes (green or purple). Some folks also opt for large white gloved hands to accentuate their costume. Most costumes already come with a hat, but if yours does not, you substitute a matching ‘beanie’ hat to make your head look like a grape, too.

Measuring for Your Costume

Be the best-looking cluster of grapes in the fruit bowl by getting the right fit for your grape costume when you order! Many grape costumes come in a ‘one size fits all’ size, but some are traditionally sized, small, medium, so on. These costumes will also have a size chart that features the measurements of the costume. Comparing your measurements to the chart allows you to see how easily you’ll squeeze into your costume. Measure your hips, waist, and chest at their largest point and then do a comparison to find which size is your best bet.

Dress up like a fruit – step out in a Grape Costume. Choose to be a single bulbous piece or a bunch of grapes, complete with the vines sticking out from around your neck and the green stem from the top of your head. Here is a costume that comes in shades of green and purple. It is after all a fruit that’s fun to eat and also forms the base for many a tipple. Lovers of wine will definitely appreciate the grape costume. You could even add a little more to it and make yourself a giant pair of hands to complete the look.

Grape Halloween Costume

Costumes are undoubtedly the most important part of Halloween celebrations as well as the costumed theme parties. And when it comes down to selecting a particular costume, everyone tries his/her best to go for one which would look original and be an attention grabber. The aim is to make people look at you and your costume again and again. However, at the same time, it should be made sure that they are comfortable to slip in.

A great idea to look original and creative this Halloween, and yet be comfortable, would be to opt for fruit costumes. The eco-trend has been setting in almost every given domain, so why not dress yourself up as a fruit and be noticeable with an unusual and eco costume. Though there are many fruit costumes to choose from, to look your natural best, you should go for a fruit costume that you can identify with the most. If you like red, you can try an apple or strawberry costume. And if you love wine, what can be better than a grape costume? Typically, you can buy grape costumes in purple or green colours. They come in all sizes (for children and for adults) and for both men and women.

Grape costumes are sure to give you fresh and fun look this Halloween. Grape costume for kids comes with colored (usually purple or green) body suit, headpiece with green leaf and short pants. The padded balls representing grapes are attached with the suit.

For adults, the bodysuit has pockets for balloons and the balloons are included with the costume set. You would need to inflate the balloons to place them in their pockets. So make sure you keep around 45 minutes of extra time to inflate the balloons, when you get ready for the Halloween party.

One of the easiest ways to usher people into your party is to greet them in a funny costume like these!

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